The Scriptor's Altus
Er, hello.
After several minutes of trying to figure out how one posts into a community, I think I have it right, so here comes my introduction, per the mods' instructions:
Introduce yourself, your experiences, your philosophy, your analytical skills and your writing
Myself: I'm a teenage girl stuck in a boring town with nothing better to do than write fanfiction. I have a horribly active imagination. I also love Broadway, Doctor Who, Harry Potter (of course), chocolate, and tea with milk. My favorite color is black, not because I'm morbid but because I just honestly like it.
My experiences: The best week of my life was when I went to New York City for a conference on leadership in the arts and met the most wonderful people in the whole world. Many stories were inspired by that week. That's the only interesting thing that's happened to me so far in my life. Oh, and I'm going to London this summer for a two-week-long writing program, which will be absolutely awesome. London, I am convinced, has some sort of mystical aura that makes authors wonderful. Look at all the incredible writers who come out of England: Tolkien, Rowling...I'm telling you, there's something in the air. Or the water. Or maybe the food. And I'm rambling.
My philosophy: Er...good question. I'm rather like Sally from the Charlie Brown comic strips: I change philosophies very often. When life's a dizzy maze/on alternating days/I choose a different phrase/my new philosophy...sorry, random song break there. Where was I? My philosophy. Well, as far as classical philosophy, I rather like Plato. Regarding my writing philosophy: I write what I want to write, even if other people don't approve. I never use excessive swearing, because I don't in real life and I can't write it convincingly. Same thing with romance, especially more mature romance.
My analytical skills: As far as reviewing fanfics go? I tend to focus on grammatical prowess, because bad grammar distracts me from actually understanding the story. When grammar is good, I am rather lenient when it comes to critiqueing (I'm quite certain I didn't spell that right) the plot but will jump on unrealistic dialogue and defenestrate it. (I like the word defenestrate--it means to throw out the window)
My writing: There's a lot of it. I have a bad habit of starting new stories without finishing old ones. If anyone wants to read some of my stuff before I get around to posting it here, go to Feel free to review. I'll be posting the HP ones here eventually. When I'm not writing fanfic, I write fantasy and science-fiction. And now I have to go because the bell is about to ring and I'm going to be late for my Am Lit class.