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Er, hello.

After several minutes of trying to figure out how one posts into a community, I think I have it right, so here comes my introduction, per the mods' instructions:
Introduce yourself, your experiences, your philosophy, your analytical skills and your writing
Myself: I'm a teenage girl stuck in a boring town with nothing better to do than write fanfiction. I have a horribly active imagination. I also love Broadway, Doctor Who, Harry Potter (of course), chocolate, and tea with milk. My favorite color is black, not because I'm morbid but because I just honestly like it.
My experiences: The best week of my life was when I went to New York City for a conference on leadership in the arts and met the most wonderful people in the whole world. Many stories were inspired by that week. That's the only interesting thing that's happened to me so far in my life. Oh, and I'm going to London this summer for a two-week-long writing program, which will be absolutely awesome. London, I am convinced, has some sort of mystical aura that makes authors wonderful. Look at all the incredible writers who come out of England: Tolkien, Rowling...I'm telling you, there's something in the air. Or the water. Or maybe the food. And I'm rambling.
My philosophy: Er...good question. I'm rather like Sally from the Charlie Brown comic strips: I change philosophies very often. When life's a dizzy maze/on alternating days/I choose a different phrase/my new philosophy...sorry, random song break there. Where was I? My philosophy. Well, as far as classical philosophy, I rather like Plato. Regarding my writing philosophy: I write what I want to write, even if other people don't approve. I never use excessive swearing, because I don't in real life and I can't write it convincingly. Same thing with romance, especially more mature romance.
My analytical skills: As far as reviewing fanfics go? I tend to focus on grammatical prowess, because bad grammar distracts me from actually understanding the story. When grammar is good, I am rather lenient when it comes to critiqueing (I'm quite certain I didn't spell that right) the plot but will jump on unrealistic dialogue and defenestrate it. (I like the word defenestrate--it means to throw out the window)
My writing: There's a lot of it. I have a bad habit of starting new stories without finishing old ones. If anyone wants to read some of my stuff before I get around to posting it here, go to http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1038860/. Feel free to review. I'll be posting the HP ones here eventually. When I'm not writing fanfic, I write fantasy and science-fiction. And now I have to go because the bell is about to ring and I'm going to be late for my Am Lit class.

The Living Dead - Update

Title: The Living Dead
Rating: PG13-R
Pairing: SS/HP (and probably others in future chapters)
Genre: Action/drama/angst/romance
Warnings: Slash, violence, torture, death.
Chapter 7 summary: Snape’s not feeling well and Harry doesn’t know why. He calls his friends for help.
Disclaimer: HP characters belong to the talented JK Rowling. I'm only borrowing them for fun. Original characters are mine, though.

Chapter 7 - Cursed

The Living Dead - update!

Title: The Living Dead
Rating: PG13-R
Pairing: SS/HP (and probably others in future chapters)
Genre: Action/drama/angst/romance
Warnings: Slash, violence, torture, death.

Chapter summaries:
Chapter 3: Death Eaters celebrate their victory while Harry and Snape are locked in a dark cell.
Chapter 4: As Voldemort meets with the prisoners, Snape decides to say something that might save him and Harry.
Chapter 5: Snape and Harry arrive at their secret hideout and they get visitors.
Chapter 6: Snape tells Harry how they got out of Azkaban, and when he’s done they both find out something interesting about Ron and Hermione.

The Living Dead / PG13-R

Title: The Living Dead
Rating: PG13-R
Pairing: SS/HP (and probably others in future chapters)
Genre: Action/drama/angst/romance
Warnings: Slash, violence, torture, death.
Disclaimer: HP characters belong to the talented JK Rowling. I'm only borrowing them for fun. Original characters are mine, though.
Summary: Harry and Snape are sent together on a mission to Azkaban. Their supposedly one-day mission gets an unexpected turn.

Read it here
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Hi, there.

I joined a few days ago [as far as I can remember], and have been avoiding an introductory post since then, so I say it's about time. I'm just going to go by what's asked on the community info.

Myself: My name is Jenna - username irishphoenix711. I'm 19, female. Have lived in Ireland, Canada and, currently, the US. I'm not in school at the moment, and I waste a couple dozen hours a week working at a clothing store. I eat too much chocolate, drink too much coffee, and go to bed at 6am [though some days I just stay up]

My Experiences/Philosophy: When I first moved to America, my bedroom was shared with my three-year-old brother and it consisted of two air-mattresses on the floor with a sheet each. I was eight, and didn't know it was anything worth complaining about. If anything, I'd never seen an air-mattress and thought they were damn brilliant. That's basically the story of my life - not glamourous, but I'm not going to sit around complaining about things that don't mean anything. I've dealt with my share of serious issues: the grief of loss [from unexpected sources, as well as heart disease and cancer], money problems, being teased at school, depression, and some other things I'd rather not mention. But life has it's way of being kind, also, and so we just keep moving on.

My Analytical Skills: Well, someone I love very much once said I'm one of the best analysts she knows, and I take that as a huge compliment. I'm also often at the recieving end of 'Why do you analyse everything?' and 'You think too much.' There's always something under the surface. I like to look for that. I rarely just 'review' stories [or art] - I always dig in. I like to think I get pretty good results.

My Writing: I don't think I'm a brilliant writer, but I will go as far to admit that I have a natural knack for putting words together better than others. Outside of the fiction world, I write everything. I have awards for journalism style writing and the only homework assignmets I always turned in were the essays [and then there are my 'reviews']. Within fiction, fan or original, I also write pretty much everything. Most of my LJ stuff [found on phiction_vault] is romance, save a few drabbles and an Obi-Wan Kenobi genfic floating somewhere. My chaptered fics, found on MNFF under the pennames GringottsVault711 and TheVault, are ridiculously long and riddled with subplots - some that make sense and some that don't, depending on how early in my fan-fic career they were written. I write all pairings, I try different styles, I do serious and I do light-hearted - though I tend to drift into dark and angsty more often than not.

So, to finish up - here's a one-shot of mine. I picked this one not because it's my favourite or most recent, but because it's one I'm rather fond of, but am insistent on the fact that it needs vast amounts of improvement. It's Narcissa/Lily, I'd put it's rating at about 15's.

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Mass Effect: No-One Left Behind

For the Love of Fandom ficathon

For the Love of Fandom ficathon [and that artsy stuff, too!]

For all of us fanfiction readers/writers, there are some stories that we have fallen in love with, authors that we start looking forward to seeing more often, and artists that make our eyes sparkle. These authors and artists have inspired us- or at least let us ignore the less important things in life, like homework and the real world.

The For the Love of Fandom ficathon is a chance for us to salute the stories, authors, and artwork that we admire, and allows us to play in the litterbox of our favourite fandom authors and artists. Essentially, it's an invitation to write a fanfiction of a fanfiction- a spinoff story based on the fanfiction of a favoured author or a story revolving around a picture by a fandom artist. It's a chance to show our appreciation and fangirl other authors and artists who have inspired us, made us laugh, or even cry.

What exactly constitues a spin-off? In this case, a spin-off would be a story that is set in- and follows the rules- created by the author in that universe. It could be a scene re-written from another character's point-of-view, or a prologue written that would 'explain' part of the set-up to the story's plotline. It could a scene that's mentioned in passing in the story that you always wanted elaboration on, or a ficlet set far, far in the future that would take a deeper look at the repercussions created by events in the original story. It's our chance to play in the universe created by an author we respect.

Rules for the Ficathon

1. This should go without saying, but get permission from the author first.
2. Comment in this post with your name, the name of the author[s]/artist[s] you're writing/drawing for, and a link to the stories/pictures. If they have a public livejournal name, post that as well.
3. If you'd like to offer up your stories/pictures, comment with a link or links to your stories, as well as your penname on the site if you use different names. Bear in mind that if you publish your name here, people are not required to contact you, although they must cite you as the author of the universe they're writing for.
4. When you're finished with the stories/drabbles/ficlets/artwork [all are acceptable], post the link[s]. Stories can be uploaded or cross-posted to scriptors_altus. Use the following template:

Author Name:
Name of original author and title of story:

So, in example:

our_innocence has written Hermione's Scrapbook, The Lost Ones, and The Simple Evolution of a Faceless Butterfly.
Person A will write a spin-off based on Hermione's Scrapbook.
Person B will write the prologue to The Lost Ones.
Person C will draw a scene from The Simple Evolution of a Faceless Butterfly.

List of authors/artists

our_innocence will be writing spinoffs for:
kirabutler's Hermione Laughs [Blaise/Hermione]
irishphoenix711's Tarnished [Lily/Narcissa]

Authors who have avaliable stories
our_innocence: Master List [publishes under Seren, SKSeven, Seren K Seven, and Eliane Fraser]


Hi. Just just joined this communtiy and thought I should introduce myself. My name's Crystal and I'm 18. I've been writing fanfics for a few years now but I haven't really written anything in the past few months. I just made this LJ to post my stories. I also post my stories on Harry Potter Fanfiction so you might see the same stories if you're on both LJ and there. Well, to read my stories, just click my LJ and it explains how to get your way around in the first post. Reviews/comments/constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated. Thank you again and don't forget to drop by (hpff_crystal)!
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fic advice/help?

I joined this community over the summer, and I have a burning question about something I believe might be a finished ficlet, but I'm not sure.  Especially since a friend of mine pronounced it "a good start" after reading.

But first, I should probably introduce myself and all.  I go by Annalore on the internet.  My lj name, as you can see, is m_annalore.  My main pairing is Remus/Sirius, I guess, because that's what I read most often.  My writing plans predominantly involve Remus/Sirius and Snape/Black stories, but, in fact, I write whatever random thing does occur to me, which at this point includes Remus/Sirius, Snape/Black, and James/Remus.  And this piece, which is sorta James/Sirius.  (My HP fic can be found here and here.  The second link is to a fic 'verse I have planned, and may eventually write more of than the first story.  Pre-HBP).

Assuming that was coherent...

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So, any advice.  Does it sound finished, for instance.  And things like that.
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Fan of HP fanfiction? (you should be :P)

Recently, Fanfiction.net banned authors from replying to their reviews in both their updates and their profiles. This limits all writer-reader commmunication to email, which is not as convenient as replies in chapter updates and new stories, and not as helpful to other readers who may have been wondering the same thing or had the same comment. I'm not a big fan of FF.net myself - I prefer Checkmated, SIYE, and SQ - but I do archive some of my fics over there and I'd like to be able to communicate with my readers, the few that there are. Do you think so too?

Sign the petition here.
(more details at post linked)
christian bale: wall

obligatory introduction.

(i apologise ahead of time if this is too long).

Hi everyone! I was so happy I got accepted here because truth be told, I was under the impression the entire process would take a lot longer and the qualifications stricter. So, really, thanks a whole bunch for approving my request. I intend to get and give as much as I can from/to this community.

Wow, corny intro.

Anyway, my name is Ashley although I'd very much prefer it if any other variations of the name is used (A, Ash, Ly, etc.). I've been writing since I was twelve, I think, and at that time I indulged myself in gaming fandoms, particularly of the FF7 genre if that game sounds familiar to anyone. That lasted for a few years before I was hooked onto HP fics long after all five books were out. At the time, I didn't even think about shipping or what could be derived from it. I think I was out of the writing and fandom scene for a while.

I'd say my writing has improved greatly since then. I didn't have a specific style -- it was just like everyone else -- and everything was formatted weird (my biggest pet peeve). I've always been a fan of AU fics; I never liked following canon because it was a little restrictive at times, and I've never actually been criticized for it.

As soon as I tested out the HP fandom, I fell in love. However, my usual AU visions of fantasy and a warped dimension were instantly quashed because as is obvious, HP is a book of fantasy after all and anything can happen. So I wrote "canon" for a little while (as canon as different shipping goes) before finding out I could twist it up even more. My recent pieces have been a little bit more vulgar, risqué, and it's fantastical on an entirely different level. I take real life [experiences] and bend it, I use current controversy and apply it to the HP-verse like homosexuality, drugs, and prostitutes and manipulate it so that it sounds other-worldly since HP doesn't really take place in this world.

My writing is very detached and fragmented, half-inspired by vexia and actual authors. A lot of my recent writing makes reference to books I've read -- sometimes it's done purposefully or subconsciously. To read what I write, the person usually has to be very analytical and into symbolism, figurative language, and imagery because it's what I "specialize" in. I interpret a whole lot of things differently, so I usually expect readers to be open-minded because I may have written something in a different frame of mind than what a reader perceives.

To sum myself up, I like being different from everyone else and everyday, I strive to better my work and hopefully I could make something out of it someday. Maybe.