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Scriptor's Altus

The Writer's Secret

Scriptors Altus - A Haven for HP fanfic writers
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The Scriptor's Altus

Scriptor's Altus (The Writer's Secret) is a community for Harry Potter fanfiction writers. Specifically, it's a community for writers of a certain calibre, who are seeking more than just praise for their stories - it's a place to get constructive criticism, suggestions, and opinions on different fanfiction topics, writing styles, etc.

Community Manifesto:
Right off the bat we will state publicly that the objective here isn't a narcissistic, back-patting, ego-boosting test of wills. The purpose here is not just to plug your work, but to plug your work, deconstruct it - demolish it if necessary, and spit it back out with a big bloody smile on your face because you've satisfied yourself and your need to execute the "write" command that comes from higher self/muse/evil-twin-persona/whatever.

Discussion is vital to this community, thus, we expect everyone to haul ass regularly; read each other’s work, offer feedback, positive commentary, negative commentary, personal opinion, character assessments, wax lyrical on the philosophy of Harry Potter, and so on and so forth. Where we are able to, challenges and discussion topics will be posted that are open to all participating members.

The possibilities of this fandom are limitless, and new authors are popping up at an exponential rate. Is Scriptor’s a centralizing force? Hell no. We’re merely a corner of the web where people can congregate to avoid the fluff reviews that use netspeak and the people who attempt to use wish-fulfillment as an excuse for writing.

Community Overview:
We post excerpts of our upcoming stories to get feedback. We discuss different aspects of fanfiction. We talk about popular fanfiction stories, and provide insight and articulate opinions into our theories, criticisms, and suggestions. We get advice from one another, and support each other in our many varied ventures into fanfiction – be it through romance, action, darkfic or humour.

All members are required to participate in the discussion. We are a small, tightly-knit group who indulge in a variety of political, religious, social, and sexual orientations - each of us brings something unique from our human experience to the table. We encourage enlightened discussion (or argument) if it's productive.

If you enter here, you approach with an open mind, and your wits about you.

The Unforgivables:
- Flamers will be squibbed.
- Suethors need not apply.
- Lurkers shall be drawn out and quartered.
- Canon-thumping is not permissible. (See aforementioned statement about ego-boosting, narcissism and extreme self-love).

We Are Open To:
- Writers who have at least high-school level English and demonstrate their prowess through the written word.
- All Ships. All genres. All eras.
- Both slash and het writers.

Application to The Scriptor’s Altus:
As this is a semi-private community, the applying writer’s livejournal is put under scrutiny upon submitting the request to join the community. If you are admitted, you will be asked to introduce yourself, your experiences, your philosophy, your analytical skills and your writing.

Those who have been admitted are granted a two-week trial period to demonstrate their skills through writing, responding and reviewing.

If you commit any unforgivable act during or after that time, we will squib you so fast your grandchildren will feel it.

Additional Information:
We are a kind, but firm group. The voice of reprimand may sometimes be heard, but otherwise – the mods are here only to guide you. You as a member are expected to keep this place afloat. Equal responsibility on all shoulders.

Welcome to the Scriptor’s Altus.

(Moderated by our_innocence and kirabutler)